Friday, August 2, 2013

Who should get disability insurance?

“Anyone who is not disabled,” is the ironic answer. Disability insurance, a way to bolster the fragile safety net offered by the federal government’s Social Security program, will enable you to keep receiving a certain portion of your paycheck in the event that you contract an illness or injury which prevents you from working. Short-term disability insurance will provide you with a percentage of your lost salary should you find yourself incapacitated for more than a few days. Payouts will dwindle as the time you spend injured increases, but most short-term policies will provide coverage for about half a year. Long-term disability insurance will, as its name suggests, protect you from more serious circumstances that threaten your ability to work permanently. These policies provide coverage for several years and are best used in conjunction with short-term plans. While it might seem like an unnecessary expenditure to the healthy, disability insurance is an invaluable protection for any worker to have. Policies are most affordable to those who appear to need them least, and people who wait until they are actually injured may find themselves with almost no money to live on.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyone faces hardship once in a while

Sometimes, this hardship can be an ongoing experience, and for this you will need disability coverage. Short term disability is especially prevalent in today's world, with on the job or accidental injuries being the leading causes. Frequently, the costs associated with even a short term disability can be ever expensive, so it is best to compare disability insurance rates and find quotes that match your needs. Long term disability insurance can also be very necessary in the case that a long term disability befalls you. Most experts agree that is better to have the coverage and not need it, than to need the coverage and not have it when a disability occurs. With the wide variety of plans available, people can find the coverage they need at an affordable price range. Everyone should compare disability quotes and find the right plan for their unique situation.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Disability Insurance is insurance offered for people who are unable to do their regular work or customary work due to physical or mental illness

Disability Insurance provides the eligible workers the benefit of getting their partial wages .By taking this Insurance you could avoid being completely dependent on others for your daily expenses. When you are disabled disability Insurance pays you partial wages. Disability Insurance Quotes and Disability Insurance rates depend on the policy and the company which you are getting insured. There are different types of disability insurances like individual disability insurance, key person disability insurance, business overhead expense disability insurance. Individual disability insurance: This policy is mainly applicable to self – employed persons or persons who do not have any coverage in their companies. Key person disability Insurance: This policy is for the benefit of a company where a key employee is disabled. In this case if he is temporarily disabled or short term Disability Company can hire a temporary employee. Otherwise for Long term disability there are other procedures. Business overhead expense disability insurance: This policy is applicable when owner of a business is disabled. There are more classifications like this. Hence Disability Insurance proves to be a very useful product for disabled.

Disability insurance is put in place for people who are unable to be fully employed due to a disability

Disability benefits are required for many people in America for both short term disability and long term disability insurance. It is important to find a good company to provide you with disability insurance, as 25% of Americans will leave the work force due to unemployment. A great place to look for disability insurance providers is online. Online you can easily get a quote from a number of insurance providers. Receiving a quote online is a simple as entering in anonymously your name, gender, occupation, state of residence and any health risks you may have such as smoking. It is important to know that the less likely you make your life-style prone to disability, the lower your insurance rates will typically be. There are many options available for insurance coverage and selecting the one that is right for you. Many top quote sites have representatives you can call and speak with to ensure you find the right plan.